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Android 15: Simplifying Storage with Native App Archiving.

Rumored Feature Could Help Users Free Up Space on Their Devices.

If you’re tired of running out of storage on your Android device, there’s good news on the horizon with the upcoming Android 15 update. Rumors suggest that Android 15 might include a new feature allowing users to archive apps directly on their devices, helping to free up valuable storage space.

Here’s how it’s said to work:

1. Archive apps to reclaim storage space.
2. Archived apps will retain all your data.
3. Restore archived apps along with your data whenever needed.

This differs from simply uninstalling apps, which removes them entirely along with your data. With app archiving, you can save space without losing your app data or settings.

This rumored feature would be an improvement over the current system, where app archiving is limited to the Google Play Store. If it indeed becomes a part of Android 15, users may be able to archive any app, regardless of where it was downloaded from.

It’s worth noting that Android 15 is still in development, and this feature is based on leaks and speculation. However, if it materializes, it could be a helpful addition for Android users struggling with storage limitations.

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