Google has made it easier for cryptocurrency enthusiasts by adding a new feature to Google Search.

Now, users can check their token balances directly within search results.

This update works for several popular blockchains, including Bitcoin, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and Optimism.

Before, people had to use specialized blockchain explorers or wallet apps to track their crypto holdings. But now, they can just type their wallet address into Google Search to see their balance for supported blockchains. This makes it simpler to keep track of holdings without needing multiple platforms.

However, it’s important to remember privacy concerns. While blockchain transactions are transparent, sharing a wallet address doesn’t reveal the owner’s identity but does show the total balance and transaction history.

Google’s move is a big step towards making cryptocurrency more mainstream. By integrating blockchain data into search results, Google hopes to make crypto information more accessible, which could encourage more people to use and understand cryptocurrencies.

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