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Infinix Note 40 Series Unveiled: Redefining Smartphone Excellence.

"Experience Unmatched Performance and Lightning-Fast Charging with Infinix's Newest Release.

Infinix Introduces Note 40 Series: Enhanced Processors, Rapid Charging

Infinix has debuted its latest lineup of smartphones, the Note 40 series, featuring robust processors, rapid charging capabilities, and impressive displays. Here’s an overview of its standout features:
Performance Boost:

The series offers two variants: the Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G and the Infinix Note 40 Pro.
The Pro+ model adopts the MediaTek Dimensity 7020 SoC, catering to seamless 5G connectivity.
Meanwhile, the Pro variant is equipped with the MediaTek Helio G99 SoC, ideal for gaming enthusiasts and power users.
Swift Charging:

A standout feature of the Pro+ model is its support for up to 100W fast charging, ensuring lightning-fast battery replenishment.
Additionally, the Pro+ supports 20W wireless MagSafe charging for added convenience.
The Pro model features a standard 33W fast charging option, ensuring swift battery recharging.
Impressive Display:

Both variants boast a large 6.78-inch FHD+ curved AMOLED display, delivering an immersive visual experience.
With a smooth 120Hz refresh rate, the display ensures fluid and seamless visuals.
Software Commitment:

Infinix promises two years of Android OS upgrades for both the Pro+ and Pro models, catering to software enthusiasts.
Affordability and Availability:

The Note 40 series starts at a pocket-friendly price of $199 (approximately Rs 16,600) for the base Note 40 model.
Pricing varies based on specifications, with the Pro+ 5G variant topping out at $309 (around Rs 25,000).
Global availability of the series is expected to commence this week, with an impending launch in India.
With its blend of powerful processors, rapid charging capabilities, and impressive display technology, the Infinix Note 40 series presents an enticing option for users seeking a feature-rich smartphone experience at an affordable price point.

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