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Manushi Chhillar Excited for Miss World 2024 in India

Former Miss World Shares Her Enthusiasm for India Hosting the Prestigious Pageant

India’s very own Manushi Chhillar, the winner of the Miss World 2017 title, is eagerly looking forward to the Miss World 2024 pageant being held in her homeland. This announcement marks a significant return of the prestigious event to India, and Chhillar is excited to see the competition unfold in her own country.

“It brings me immense joy to learn that the Miss World 2024 pageant will be hosted in India. This presents a wonderful opportunity for our nation to showcase its vibrant culture, rich diversity, and warm hospitality to the global stage,” expressed Chhillar with enthusiasm.

The Miss World competition holds a special place in Chhillar’s heart, as it was on this very stage in 2017 that she made history by winning the coveted crown. Her journey from being a medical student to becoming the sixth Indian to be crowned Miss World was nothing short of inspirational.

“Participating in the Miss World pageant was a life-changing experience for me. I am thrilled for the contestants of 2024, as they embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment,” added Chhillar.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the Miss World pageant also places a strong emphasis on humanitarian causes through its Beauty with a Purpose initiative. Chhillar stressed the significance of this aspect, stating, “The Beauty with a Purpose projects have made a meaningful impact on communities worldwide. I am eager to witness the positive change that the 2024 contestants will bring through their projects.”

As India gears up to host the Miss World 2024 pageant, Chhillar extends her invitation to everyone to join in the excitement and support for the contestants. “Let us all come together to celebrate beauty, grace, and the spirit of womanhood. I am confident that the 2024 edition will be a remarkable success,” she concluded.

The Miss World 2024 pageant promises to be a spectacular event, not only showcasing the beauty and talent of its contestants but also shining a spotlight on the rich cultural heritage of India.

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