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Poco Diversifies: A Tablet on the Horizon?

Recent Certification Reveals Poco's Potential Entry into the European Tablet Market.

Poco, the popular Xiaomi subsidiary renowned for its cost-effective smartphones, appears to be expanding its product lineup to include tablets. Recent reports indicate that a Poco-branded tablet has surfaced on a European certification platform.

The purported Poco tablet bears the model number 2405CPCFBG and was uncovered on the European EEC certification website, as reported by The Tech Outlook. The listing is accompanied by a notification number (KZ0000007722) and boasts a certification valid until December 3, 2029.

Despite this revelation, specifics regarding the Poco tablet remain elusive. The certification documentation refrains from disclosing any detailed specifications or features of the device. There’s speculation circulating that, akin to some Poco smartphones, this tablet might be a rebranded version of an existing Redmi or Xiaomi tablet. It’s noteworthy that Xiaomi recently introduced the Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro in China.

The emergence of this certification hints at the possibility of a Poco tablet debut in the European market. However, to gain a comprehensive understanding of the device’s attributes, prospective consumers must await further leaks or official announcements detailing its features, release date, and pricing.

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