Yezdi’s Motorcycle Revolution: Streetfighter 334, AdvenX, and BSA’s Comeback

Exciting Updates and Future Prospects Unveiled for Motorcycle Enthusiasts

Yezdi’s Exciting Plans: Introducing the Streetfighter 334, AdvenX Adventure Bike, and BSA Revival
Yezdi recently shared some thrilling news for motorcycle fans during a dealer meet. Classic Legends, the brand under Mahindra, unveiled their upcoming motorcycle lineup, hinting at an ambitious growth strategy.

Coming Soon: Streetfighter 334 and AdvenX Adventure

One highlight was the upcoming launch of the Yezdi Streetfighter 334. Expected to hit the market later this year, it’s set to compete with the popular Royal Enfield Hunter 350. With an anticipated price below Rs. 2 lakh, it’s poised to be a competitive choice in the 250cc segment.

Yezdi also gave a sneak peek of the Adventure AdvenX, an off-road companion expected to debut in 2024. While details are scarce, it’s already generating interest among riders looking for adventure.

Looking Forward: New Engine Platform and BSA’s Return

Classic Legends is thinking long-term, hinting at a new engine platform with potentially higher displacement than the current 334cc engine. This could mean more powerful Yezdi models in the future.

The most surprising announcement was the BSA Goldstar 650. With rights to the BSA brand, Classic Legends showcased the Goldstar 650, suggesting a revival of the iconic British motorcycle brand. Expected to launch by the end of 2024, it’s sure to evoke nostalgia among Indian motorcycle enthusiasts.

A Year of Growth for Yezdi

These announcements signal an exciting year ahead for Yezdi. With the Streetfighter 334 and AdvenX on the horizon, along with plans for new engine platforms and the return of BSA, Yezdi is poised to make a significant mark in the Indian motorcycle market.

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