“Discover Your Path to Success: Empowering Growth Through Innovative Solutions”Discover Your Path to Success: Empowering Growth Through Innovative Solutions

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HCLTech has bolstered its expertise in AI and Machine Learning by gaining two new Microsoft Azure specializations. These specializations, “AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure” and “Build and Modernize AI Apps with Microsoft Azure,” highlight HCLTech’s dedication to offering comprehensive AI and ML solutions.

This achievement showcases HCLTech’s proficiency in using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for creating and deploying AI-powered solutions. Their data science platform, Scale AI, is crucial to this success, enabling businesses to quickly develop and implement custom ML models, leading to better customer experiences, smoother operations, and data-driven decisions.

With these additions, HCLTech now has 21 Microsoft specializations covering various domains like Azure, workplace solutions, security, analytics, and business applications.

Key Points:

HCLTech gained two new Microsoft Azure specializations in AI and Machine Learning.
This demonstrates HCLTech’s leadership in AI and ML solutions.
The Scale AI platform helps businesses leverage Microsoft Azure for AI development and deployment.
HCLTech now holds a total of 21 Microsoft specializations across different areas.

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