Kerala’s Rising Star: InIT Solutions Clinches Coveted Awards for Trailblazing Innovation

A Triumph of Innovation in Kerala's Thriving Startup Landscape

Bags Prestigious Awards for Groundbreaking Work
A wave of pride is sweeping through Kerala’s vibrant startup ecosystem as a homegrown company, InIT Solutions, has bagged not one, but two prestigious awards within a single week. This remarkable feat underscores the innovative spirit and impactful work emerging from the state’s burgeoning tech scene.

InIT Solutions, operating under the Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM), has carved a niche for itself by connecting devotees with temples through a cost-free Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution called “BookSeva.” This innovative platform has revolutionized temple administration, streamlining processes and enhancing the experience for devotees.

The company’s dedication and ingenuity were recently recognized at the “Emerging Startup of the Year 2023 Award” ceremony. This accolade, presented during the Bharath Pitchathon 2.0, is a testament to InIT Solutions’ exceptional growth trajectory and its potential to disrupt the traditional landscape.

Adding another feather to its cap, InIT Solutions also emerged victorious at the Entrepreneurship Conclave 2023 (EC2023). This award further solidifies the company’s position as a frontrunner in the Kerala startup ecosystem, paving the way for its continued success.

InIT Solutions’ success story is not only inspiring but also emblematic of the immense potential that lies within Kerala’s entrepreneurial landscape. The state’s supportive infrastructure, coupled with the unwavering drive of its talented professionals, is fostering a breeding ground for innovative solutions aimed at tackling real-world challenges.

This recent accolade serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging other aspiring entrepreneurs in Kerala to pursue their innovative ideas and contribute to the state’s flourishing tech ecosystem. As InIT Solutions continues to soar, it sets a powerful example for future generations, demonstrating the boundless potential that resides.

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